RCD / Safety Switch Testing

What is the Purpose of an RCD?

An RCD (Residual Current Device) is the industry term for a safety switch. It’s main purpose is to prevent severe electrical shocks from occurring.

An RCD detects and halts the power in an electrical socket preventing dangerous electric currents and fatal electric shocks. Every home and workplace should enlist in regular RCD safety switch testing to ensure they are working correctly.

Risk of electrical overloading can have severe consequences, such as fire or electrocution, and therefore must be looked after on a regular basis. Safety switches help minimise such risks from occurring. 

We Offer RCD Safety Switch Testing in Greater Melbourne & Throughout Victoria

RCD Safety Switch Testing
Portable RCD Safety Switch Testing


Safety switch testing is something that every facilities/office manager need to complete on a regular basis to ensure that their premises are protected in this regard. A safety switch is also known as an RCD or Residual Current Device, and its entire function is to prevent severe electric shocks from occurring.

We are professional specialists in all things electrical, and over the past 10+ years, we have been working for Australians just like you to test their electrical appliances & ensure that they are in optimal working condition.

We are a dedicated prevention team and believe that taking measures and remaining vigilant about the proper working order of your electrical appliances and other devices can insulate you from harm. 

Reliable RCD Testing Services

For safety switch testing, you really can’t leave anything to chance. The lives of those in your care depend on this crucial piece of equipment working at all times. As such, it is essential to have qualified experts handle this ongoing safety measure and Comprehensive Tagging Services will be happy to coordinate this on your behalf.

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