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Licensed Test & Tag Services in Melbourne per Electrical Safety and WHS Regulations

Employers have a duty to provide and maintain a workplace that is truly safe and generally without risks to the health of their employees. There are specific measures in place to see that you’re able to provide this electrical safety in your place of business. This starts with the electrical test and tag of your portable electrical equipment in accordance to Australian Standards in every state and territory.

[Based in Mebourne, we deliver test and tag services all over Victoria & interstate.]

Complying with Australian Standards. AS/NZS 3760:2022 outlines the test and tag required to be conducted by trained technicians in order to confirm the electrical safety of portable electrical appliances. Comprehensive Tagging Services can carry out such testing in Melbourne, throughout Victoria, and interstate.

The Australian standard does not require a Portable Appliance Tester (PAT) to be used in conducting these tests, but the use of a PAT remains one of the most trusted ways of ensuring electrical safety.

Our Technology

The most state of the art PAT and thermal printer to test and tag your electrical appliances and print tags on site. As part of our test and tag process, our technicians complete both a comprehensive visual test and the aforementioned electrical test on your appliances before they are considered compliant and safe.

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Test and Tag Services

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Test & Tag Service

We test all electrical equipment onsite to help ensure a safe working environment.

Our Process

Initially our technicians give your appliances a visual inspection to examine the condition of the appliance, it’s plug, socket & flexible supply cord. Appliances are also checked for rattles which can be caused by the presence of foreign or broken objects that may interfere with the safety of the appliance. Covers and guards are checked to ensure they are attached, Class II appliances are checked for deep engraving, which may impact on the insulation of the appliance.

Our expert technicians are trained to spot a wide range of risks. Potential hazards may come from the type of electrical equipment used, how and where it is used, where it is stored, and how it is maintained.

We then perform an electrical test. Under AS/NZ 3760:2022, these electrical tests are required to be completed on the appropriate equipment:


  • Insulation Resistance
  • Leakage Current Testing
  • Polarity
  • Earth Resistance


What items should be tested in my workplace?

Some are surprised to learn that any electrical item that has a power lead which is plugged into a power point needs to have the Test & Tag completed on a regular basis.

Testing needs to occur more often where there is a higher safety risk or where there is likely to be greater use and wear, for some types of equipment or electrical items.

As an example, a carpenter or other tradesperson has a higher risk factor and needs to have their electrical equipment tested more often than a computer in a regular office environment.

We’re happy to discuss your particular requirements. Just give us a call and we’ll review your situation and provide an obligation-free quote.

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